“…Follow me while I introduce you to what you need in order to empower yourself and become the captain of your health”

Thalía Velásquez

Hola Amigos

Welcome to Your New World of Health and Wellness

Hi, Nice To Meet You!

Hello, and welcome to your new world of health and wellness I am about to introduce you. By following me, you will be empowered; and together, will be able to empower others with the needed tools to transform their lives for the better.

My name is Thalía Velásquez Barraza; I am a Panamanian mother of Travis, Remington & Samuel Taliaferro (27,24 & 15 yrs old). I am the proud owner of the beautiful Valle Escondido Resort , located in the highlands of the Chiriqui Province in the Country of Panama where we have created LaVida Optimal Wellness Destination, the first and only health and wellness destination in my country.

I am very grateful because God allowed love to enter my life a second time around and today I am married to Federico Salazar. As you will see, I have been thru lots of challenging situations in my life, but these conditions have only made me stronger. The most dramatic ones were being able to survive close to death experiences by having been a victim of violence in my first relationship; and, losing my husband and the father of my children to cancer. I attribute all this survival to the way I chose to take life as it comes my way, and I have learned to become a chameleon, pausing, adapting and making my transformations.

I have to admit it was cancer that brought me to make the most significant changes in my life and that of my family. My life was changed back in 2009 when my late husband Sam Taliaferro was diagnosed with a Squamous cell Carcinoma. At that moment, with that diagnose and the doctor’s tone of voice I received Sam´s death sentence, my world was crumbling underneath my feet, and I thought… OMG! How am I going to live without him? how are my children going to grow up, and mature to be the men we wanted them to become without their father’s guidance? I am going to lose my husband, the father of my children… my best friend.

I was in a complete state of fear!

I didn’t know what to do? Other than the fact that my husband’s oncologist had told us that we had no time to lose, and Sam needed to start a series of radio and chemotherapies.

We quickly searched for the best places to go to for treatments. At the time, I told a friend of mine about Sam’s diagnose and that we were leaving to the US for treatments, and she immediately said: “Please don’t do it… they are going to kill him; you have to take care of his immune system!” She told me about natural therapies, and healing thru food, and I didn’t believe.

You see, since both my parents are doctors, and we were in the hands of oncologist doctors, I didn’t know any better, and since the doctors told us we had no time to lose; remember? Well, I thought we had no time to loose with natural remedies… I was such an ignorant then and just didn’t know any better. What I want to say is that you need to get to know your body, listen to it, give it what it needs to stay healthy; this is when traditional medicine comes into place, you need to prevent before having to treat.

Long story short. We went to the USA; Sam got radio, and chemotherapies and the doctors said “we got it all”, you are in remission. We came back to Panama, and he kissed the ground when he arrived. We were thankful for his life. Sam suffered from many side effects; the list is long; it was horrible! But… little did we know cancer was not all gone, and four months later, cancer came back, his tumor grew huge, and after that, there was nothing the oncology doctors could do for him because he had received the maximum radiation a body could handle. The doctors could only treat his side effects with drugs, and the list of side effects was long. His cancer came back with a vengeance, but we were not giving up, we traveled to many countries to meet with doctors; we looked into alternative medicine and then there was HOPE… in this process I learned a lot… I studied a lot… we went to many medical conferences about alternative medicine, met many of this doctor who volunteered to come to Panama and treat Sam with their therapies. Going thru all this was an awakening time for me as I realized there are so many things we humans are doing to our bodies that are wrong. We are killing ourselves with the lifestyle we live, all the stress, the junk food, the lack of exercise, all the chemicals we are exposing our bodies to. We are slowly but surely killing ourselves! After all the different therapies and changes in our diet, we were able to extend Sam’s life for two years, it was incredible how his tumor got reduced to almost nothing, but still his immune system had been severally compromised and sadly in 2011 Sam passed away from an infection.
So…. I made a decision to change my life, and that of my family and apply all this knowledge I was acquiring to ensure a healthy life and hopefully longevity. I have been educating myself every day to learn the truth to take care of myself and my family. I received my training not just from life itself but also from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where I studied a variety of dietary theories and practical lifestyle coaching methods. With my knowledge, we co-create entirely personalized actions based on your goals, to move you toward your ideal vision of health within your unique body, lifestyle, preferences, and resources.

I am here to help you too, to pass on this information to you so if you are ever in a position to make decisions for your life you have the tools to make smart choices. You deserve to know the truth, follow me while I introduce you to what you need to empower yourself and become the captain of your health… I will also give you the encouragement you need to start on your transformation.

I apply all this knowledge at LaVida Optimal Wellness Destination where my guests have a real life changing experience learning to handle their life, learning to manage stress and reaching their optimum weight by learning to eat and workout properly, leading them to become more aware of their bodies needs.

You need to take care of your life, this is your journey, let me be the light on your path thru wellness. Come with me to my wellness retreats in LaVida Optimal Wellness Destination. Don’t wait any longer, lose weight, gain energy, strengthen your mind, body and spirit while you find your new healthy lifestyle.

To your health,

I am Thalía…your WellnessPundit!